Selasa, 01 November 2011

The distinguish Man and Woman in Listening

Listening skills are not automatic. We grow up communicating very differently from one another, depending on a wide range of factors, gender being just one of them. But gender is usually the easiest to focus our attention on because the generalizations made about the genders hold a grain of truth in their words for all of us. Then, the attention itself showed how the eye contact of listener and any else way. But man and woman has different way how to listen the other when communicate each other.
There were a study about how man and woman listen, men listen with left side of their brain and woman listen with both brain hemisphere.
a.       Males tend to focused on listening to information that will help them to accomplish the task. While, woman generally concerned the emotional message and the content of conversation is occurring and that they are able to interact with another person. It’s sometimes affecting the relationship. In short it just like woman is listener of people orientation because they hear everything.
b.      Woman has great habit when listen, they include the affirmative with head nodding or said “uhu” or “yeah”. They did it to give response, show that they listen it carefully and understand what other said. Some guys, actually do that, but basically, man give less agreement and didn’t show directly that they give attention to the speaker.
c.       Woman has eye contact with speaker. While man usually see other object when listening speaker.

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