Rabu, 04 April 2012


1.       Research
Our team of researchers comprises of highly qualified and experienced people who will work closely with you in making the best decision based on the results of the research.
a.        Market Research
In order to know what actually product which accepted and needed by consumer, company need to do market research. From market research above we can create great marketing strategy. Nomain Advertising help client to do market research by using some strategy such as:
-          Market Survey
-          Observe market development
-          Market testing/product testing
-          Market competitor level

b.       Other
We offer some research such as Business to business, Customer satisfaction & loyalty, Service quality research, Concept, pricing research, Brand image study, and Advertising research.

2.       Graphic Design
a.                 All printed design
b.                 Website design

3.       Story Board

a.        -         TV Commercial storyboard
          We will help your storyboard and script to publish in television station. Such as determine endorser, location, publication                                        also the budget and etcetera.
b.        -     Slide, running-still text or news program.
c.       -         Radio Storyline
       It same with TVC storyboard but more simple.

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