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this is my formation of culture assignment ...

Several region or province has their own culture which is influence social attitude, social behavior and personality, how they interaction each other, and so on. In the culture there are some beneficially interaction which is why culture appear. Culture appears when some sub-process interweaves each other.
Sub process itself depends on place where people live and make some interaction. For instance, society lives in a great place which make them has contact with other society. There would be a culture contact and new moral value would find old moral value. Then, new value would create and use by the society.
But, the first process actually appears accompanied with born. When our eyes and our ears worked normally then we can hear, can see the world, we start the process to create a culture. Culture process begin when baby try to give respond the situation and try to know their live and environment especially.
The interaction between baby and parents is the important way to create culture. Baby would try to understand language word by word, it means that baby ready to study how they live. Parents teach baby how to interaction how to speak, how to do every things, and etcetera. Then, they use their parent way to do some things every day. Their attitude should based on the duty ethics on their place.
When child can interaction and communication well to their parent or other people, and already know their society attitude which learned every day. The interaction woth other will make child has think to do something unusual and know how to solve it, means that the culture has processed in a family. Family culture is the first culture and it reflected the attitude or families culture.
When child play with neighbor and make an interaction with them, culture process appears once more. In school, they introduce their self to other student and has other friends then. They already know how to interaction with other and know how to tolerate each other. Then they would make an agreement in their class, what should they do every day.
So, the culture will appears when the interaction used by people to learn each other and agreement which create by themselves. They will obey their agreement and based on their agreement they do everything in their live.
Those, process of the culture appear.
Sure, what called as Culture has their own way to held and create their law and rule as their agreement reached tolerate and agree that they reach together. Then, several region has their own way to create their law according how they interact. That’s why Indonesia has more than one culture.


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